Illegal immigration surged in Texas last month

The Chief of the Border Patrol agency, on Tuesday, said that there was a large-scale illegal immigrant influx into Texas during the month of August. This pattern is unusual during a late-summer slowdown.

The increase in the influx of immigrants can be attributed to large-scale migration families the  from the Central American nations. Poverty and violence in their native countries is forcing them to join their relatives in the United States. The patrol agents arrested nearly 10,000 people in August, indicating an increase of 24 percent over the month of July.

According to the Border Patrol agents, over 68,000 “family units,” have been arrested during the fiscal year 2016. Still few months to go in this year and it is definite that the previous record set in 2014, will be shattered.

As per analysts, some criminal groups are forcing the families to leave Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

An administration lawyer in this regard said that the situation is worse than what it seems. Illegal adult immigrants are kidnapping children so that they can pose as a family and avail better treatment.

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