Illegal Immigration Plunges on Donald Trump Crackdown

Posted on: 08 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal immigration , latest visa news USA , visa crime ,

Undocumented migration along the south western border has dropped greatly in the last two months since the Donald Trump took over as the 45th president of the United States of America, the secretary of homeland security disclosed on Wednesday.

Arrests made across the border, which is a benchmark for judging the flow of illegal migrants into the country, fell to 16,000 in March, a 30% drop from what was obtainable in February and 60% from what was obtainable a year ago.

John Kelly told the committee of the Senate in charge of homeland security that there was a more obvious drop in the number of families that try to come into the nation via the border.

“We have experienced an amazing fall in the population of immigrants moving out of Central America,” Kelly said. “Especially, we have observed a sharp drop in the population of families and the children too.”

The drop comes as a result of an increase in the past three months that seemed to be a response to the arrests of migrants that the president assured citizens would experience once voted into power.

Donald Trump has promised to send out an approximate 11-12 million illegal migrants currently living in the United States of America, with a huge percentage of them from Mexico.

A lot have been residing in the country for years, raising kids, building a life and name for themselves. The white house says the drop in the number of illegal migrants coming into the country is as a result of the president’s policies.

“By getting tangible results on undocumented migration, the president is sticking to the vows he made to the people of America,” his spokesperson told reporters at a press conference.

“This drop in arrests is no coincidence,” John said. “It’s not going to be long lasting unless we implement moves to make the border safe and secure. Something like a wall.”

The country’s custom and border protection officials have recruited more staffs and gotten more funds to secure the border with Mexico.

But Donald Trump has vowed to enact a wall along the border to stop migration completely from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Proposals for the wall are just getting set to be implemented, and John Kelly has admitted that a physical impediment blocking movement is not achievable. Rather, the additions to customs could consist of some impediments, digital security, and more human patrols.

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