Illegal immigration and Crime: A Real Story

Posted on: 15 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Illegal immigration , Immigration Crime News Updates ,

Let’s be realistic, you Democrats. Unregistered foreigners commit way more atrocities than documented foreigners do. Just a little over a week after the New President of the United States was sworn in, the amazing writers working at the New York times weaved their magic and got a little desperate. In their desperation, they cooked up news.

Just a few days before Donald Trump’s first speech before the US Congress, CNN and Vex imitated the news-telling style of their counterparts at the New York Times.

Their splendid headline read: Undocumented foreigners work harder than citizens who pay taxes who hardly go against the law. The negative insinuations and sophisms hit you hard.

For instance, the reporters at the New York times said “A monumental moment of a decree signed into law by the United States makes unregistered foreigners a danger to the safety of the general public at large. But according to hundreds of research carried out over the past years, foreigners in the United States are far less likely to be involved in criminal activities than those born and bred in the country.

Professionals also postulate that the present proof does not provide support for the notion that unregistered foreigners execute a huge amount of illegal activities.”

In addition to putting together foreigners who came into the country on legal grounds with undocumented immigrants, the news agency quotes a lot of research that state the same “facts.”

The most glaring of all is a write-up from the University of Rutgers in the year 2007, which critically analyses documented foreigners and the rate of violence and crime associated with them. Asides from being obsolete and outdated, the write-up doesn’t provide an insight into the crime levels of undocumented foreigners.

As far as the news from the New York times goes, cable news network quoted a research paper from about 20 years ago, transcribing information from 1997 and before.

Vox News also quoted research that highlights only the activities of documented foreigners and the illegal activities associated with them.

The two write-ups launched a scathing criticism of the policies of Trump’s administration targeting the illegal actions of undocumented foreigners. Why did the news agencies release fake stories that undocumented foreigners are perpetrators of fewer atrocities that nationals of the United States?

The reason is simple: to publicly bash the policies and orders of the New President, most especially his ban on foreign migrants.

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