Illegal Immigration is Down 64 Percent, Trump Says

Posted on: 13 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Illegal Immigration News , Immigration crime , Visa news USA ,

“The previous month, we saw a drop in undocumented migration on the Mexican border by a whopping 64%,” the President of the United States said in an address to the state. “My government has in a short while reduced the number of undocumented migration in the country greatly, and it’s at a record low. Since I took over from office, there has been a 61% drop in undocumented migration, 61. Never before done. The secretary of the department of homeland security is carrying out an amazing job,” President Trump went on to say. “Can you feel it? Around 61% dip in undocumented migration. That is very impressive. There has been a drop of drugs that crosses our border and affecting our young minds, 61%. Very low. Highly impressed with the job the secretary is doing,” the President remarked during a business meeting earlier in the month. “I walk around town, and I see insignias all over town stating “He stayed true to his word, he stayed true to his words” because we have put in a lot of effort into making sure this is a reality. The border is secured and really in the best condition in years. 61% decline since swearing in. Impressive,” the president said at a dinner meeting sometime in March. The president is constantly implying a great drop in arrests made at the border between the country and México and giving the credit for the drop to the secretary of homeland security, Mr. John Kelly. The president also stated that some narcotics and other harmful substances coming into the nation and destroying lives are also on the decline. The accuracy of that statement can’t be verified though. There have been several requests made for the release of the statistics of narcotics seized at the borders since the president assumed office, but there has been no reply from the department. The white house also refused to release any information too. As for the President’s remarks about the apprehensions dropping by 64%, that is a verified fact. The arrests made on the border with México has consistently dropped since it reached its apex of 1.6 million individuals in 2000. Since then, there have been impermanent rises and falls, with the latest surge in apprehensions coming in 2016 where there was an increase in the number of children and adults arrested. That was preceded by a decline in the year 2015.    

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