Illegal Immigrant Students Welcome in Las Cruces

A school board in the province of New Mexico this week came to the final conclusion that illegal foreigners that are students and children of illegal aliens would be entitled to welfare such as transportation from school to their abode, free health assistance from the nurse at the school, free meals in the school cafeteria, free tutorial and a lot more. That is in tandem with a trend going on in the nation to shield the offspring of undocumented migrants from law enforcement agencies. The president of the school’s board, Maria Flores, disclosed that the province had to make such rules because they were concerned about the dangerous and fearful rhetoric the current government of the United States led by Donald Trump was employing in their bid to tackle illegal migration. “A lot of our friend’s companions and associates have come crying to us about their increasing worry for their safety,” Maria told reporters. “If the rhetoric coming from the seat of power in Washington weren't so hard on these people, we probably would have no need for this. We are doing everything we can to protect our students. That’s all,” she said. Such orders have been circulating around other schools in the province, and that includes one in the Clark County in Nevada which passed the policy after news of kids making fun of other kids about being sent back to their country emerged in the papers. The board of education in the state of Milwaukee also agreed to pass the law to become a so-called “Sanctuary school” together with Houston and a lot of other schools in the district. But a lot of critics are saying many of the policies are not really what they are. “A lot of these school head acting like they are not for the current administration’s stand against undocumented migration,” an official with the country’s reform on migration said. “It changes nothing. The board decided to take the decision following a raid in February on undocumented migrants in the area. Within 24 hours, the attendance across all schools in the district had dropped by 60%. The news was that migrants were scared to let their kids go to school as they thought migration and customs officials would come to harass them in their absence. “Regardless of migration status, ethnicity or tribe, education is imperative to any kid, and we cannot deny them that right,” the head of the board stated.

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