Illegal Ecuadorian and Mexicans Arrested by US Border Patrol Agents

An illegal immigrant was arrested last week by US Border patrol agents for the assault of an agent.

The 37-year-old Ecuadorian, along with two Mexicans, was caught outside of Patagonia, near Lone Mountain. According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the illegals, seemingly headed by the Ecuadorian, fought a border patrol agent so much that the agent and the Ecuadorian remained tangled as they slid down a hillside until intervention from other agents. Following the arrests, the Ecuadorian was charged for the assault of a federal officer.

More Illegal Immigrants Caught

The border patrol agents also arrested another two illegal immigrants that were said to be members of MS-13 as revealed by fingerprint and database check.

Honduran Joel Santos-Funes was one of the two. He was arrested at the terrain in a canyon west of Nogales after crossing the border into the country. The other, 39-year-old Deyly Turcios-Giron, was arrested by agents the following day. In 2013, he was convicted of drug smuggling in Arizona. According to CBP, these two men have extensive histories of violating immigration rules and have been deported by immigration authorities several times.

On the same day, 29-year-old Carlos Mendoza Lopez was also arrested by agents close to Calexico West Port of Entry in California. Lopez was convicted in 2018 for sexually assaulting a minor, a 3-year-old girl. He was put behind bars for eight months for the offence. He also spent another 12 months in jail for violating probation for a sexual battery.

Mr Trump's administration has to shore up security at the borders in order to stop the entry of illegal aliens. As Trump prepares for the next election, he is shaking things up in order to drive home his immigration stand; hence the rate of the arrest of illegals is expected to be on the rise.

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