Illegal Criminals are getting the Hell Out

The President of the United States of America told reporters on Tuesday that undocumented migrants with criminal records in the country are being thrown out of the country or put in prison. The president used the avenue of social media to hack against criminal gangs like the MS-13, claiming that it was the previous government who let such criminal gangs prosper in the country with weak policies in place. During the question and answer segment on Tuesday, the President commended the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for the enforcement of the laws that have seen undocumented migrants reduce drastically. Restating the same rhetoric he had during the beginning of his campaign, he said his administration was hell-bent on making sure that the country was rid of undocumented migrants. “We have taken a lot of criminal suspects out of this beautiful nation of ours,” the president said. “I mean, terrible undocumented migrants that used to be here to perpetrate evil and hurt Americans. Migrants who had killed innocent people, mutilated and raped women. A lot of bad things have happened in the past. They are leaving the country, or they would be taken to jail.” The President also supported the statements he made on Twitter that the notorious criminal gang, MS-13, were only in the country because the previous administration had had a weak migration policy. The group was thought to be responsible for some killings in the country that occurred in the previous week. “The terrible migration laws of the Obama administration has permitted terrible criminal gangs like the MS-13 to thrive within our nation. We are getting rid of them quickly,” the president said via Twitter. Sending undocumented migrants back to their countries and hunting down criminals are essential to the targets of the government of Donald Trump. As he makes the migration laws more stringent, the Head of the DHS and the Attorney General of the country are scheduling a trip to the border between the United States and Mexico. “A lot of people in different parts of the country are showing their gratitude to me because we are sending back a bucket load of liabilities to their home country. It is a terrible issue, and for a long time, nothing was done about it. Well, now we are doing something about it,” the president told reporters. With regards to the country of North Korea, the president declined to make known his plans to tackle the ruler of the country. “I don’t want to let spill what my plans or thoughts on the issue are. We are patient as to what would happen,” the president said. “Hopefully, things do go well. We hope the world would have peace.”

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