Most Illegal Aliens Routinely Commit Felonies

Posted on: 31 Mar 2017  |   Tags: Illegal immigration , news , usa , Visa ,

Two new research studies published from the sentencing scheme and the libertarian Cato Institute have reported that the rate at which migrants commit crimes is way lower than that of citizens born in the United States.

There is, however, a common mentality that migrants commit more crimes, which is very wrong.

It is very plausible that documented migrants engage in criminal acts much less than United States citizens, and are also apprehended and sent to jail at a lesser rate than citizens of the United States.

I mean, documented migrants are well screened upon entry, and if any previous criminal records are found, they become ineligible to enter the United States. The same analogy cannot be extended to undocumented migrants however because all matured undocumented migrants commit various forms of atrocities to secure their documents such as driver’s license, Social Security number, and lot others so they can be eligible for benefits available only to citizens of the United States.

A lot of undocumented migrants use unscrupulous means to get their social security numbers. They own fake drivers’ licenses, fake green cards, dubious birth certificates and any paper owned by them is totally fake.

Also, they fake their i-9 form applications. As such, the average undocumented immigrant usually commits more criminal offenses such as social security fraud, theft, perjury, and forgery. This fact is usually thrown out of the window by security agents to keep that wrong mentality that foreigners commit more crimes alive.

The social security department and New York times published a report that around 75% of undocumented migrants get their social security number via fraudulent means, which translates to criminal activity. The human rights union in the country acknowledges this statistic and use it to prove that undocumented migrants do pay their taxes. Also, the Los Angeles times newspaper published news that around eight million and eleven million undocumented aliens are involved in job-related criminal activities.

That accounts for 72% of the population of illegal migrants. La Raza reports that undocumented migrants contribute around $15 billion yearly in social security payments via taxes, obviously via getting their social security number via illegitimate means.

A reporter acknowledges that a lot of undocumented migrants make use of fake papers in their documentation, which is a crime.

Even the head of the California state senate acknowledged earlier this month that around half of his members would be fit to be forcefully returned to their countries under the current president’s orders.


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