The Hidden Fee the Rest of US Pay for Illegal Immigration

The pleas to turn a blind eye to undocumented migration are as popular as the selfish interests that fuel it.

In the imaginary, free border supporters claim that in a more globalised society, borders are nothing more than human-made constructs and should not limit us. They should not be a barrier between two or more people of different views and race.

To be more precise, a lot of selfish motives are behind the support of bringing down the border; hirers of hospitality, construction, farm hands and food processing sectors would choose serious low-paying migrants over citizens, because their need in the society has been dropped too low by the government and as such there isn’t much to pay for.

A political party welcomes poor migrants from all around México and Latin America.

The party aims to make available enough social assistance and also spearhead new migrant’s arrival into the country. They also look to bring in their kids and family members too.

That party is the Democratic Party.

Activists group known as La Raza view the undocumented migration as an important tool in sustaining a large array of impoverished foreigners who aspire to be like some world leaders, and as such keeping the tradition of what is now a sector of active racial participation.

The country of Mexico, which now gives free counselling to undocumented migrants on how best to not get caught by the United States migration and border protection officials, stands to gain a lot from the unchecked borders.

It sees the United States as a relief location to deposit its downcast and low-quality hands rather than have them constitute a nuisance to the state of México itself.

The country of México gets around $25 billion in yearly income, generated from the obvious fact that its impoverished and destitute foreign workers in the United States get to send back such huge amounts of funds out of the country back to México via the big heart of the United States social welfare system that made it possible to the first place for migrants to be able to save enough cash by reducing the cost of living for them.

The country of Mexico has discovered that its citizens in other countries love the thought of home the farther they are away from it, and it does everything to keep it that way.

In all of this is the adverse effect of undocumented migration on the very idea of legal citizenship.

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