Half of Illegitimate Immigrants Has Overstayed Their Visas In The US

According to the former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal for building a border wall with Mexico has its restrictions on stemming the flow of unauthorized immigrants in the US.

Half of the illegitimate immigrants come on legal visa and the overstay and then we could not search them. Many surveys by the DHS had found that visa overstayers had made up around 27%, 31% and 57% of undocumented immigrants in three little surveys of immigrants. Two surveys had asked about immigrants who were caught in sting operations as how they visited the nation and the third survey had asked the holders of green card whether they overstay their visas or crossed in the US illegitimately.

Cuccinelli also pointed out towards a report of 2006, that predicted around half of entire unauthorized migrants now residing in the US entered the nation legally through entry ports like airport etc.

While the source information gave an approximation that told somewhere between 33% and 50% of undocumented immigrants were overstaying their visas.

Cuccinelli also mentioned about the 2014 study, who worked on the report for federal agency,  it was predicted that in the year 2012, the number of people who overstayed their visas were around 58% who then became undocumented immigrants that year.

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