Was Donald Trump Right all Along about Sweden's Crime?

Posted on: 11 Apr 2017  |   Tags: Latest visa crime news , USA immigration crime ,

Last Friday, a witness on the night in Stockholm where nothing happened. The president of the United States gave a speech in the state of Florida the following day, appealing to his listeners to see what had happened in the country of Sweden. It was something disgusting involving refugee seekers. The president said the Swedes had taken a lot of refugee’s into their country, and now they are experiencing difficulties associated with that decision as though they never saw it possible. But he had gotten it wrong. Nothing appalling had occurred the previous night. His error was made use of by a lot of Swedish media outlets to discredit him, as though he had conjured up the issues the country is having with migration from thin air. The jest lasted for about two full days. What could he have been referring to? Did some meatballs in the state catch fire? Did a store lose all of its shelves to burglars? A former prime minister, Carl Bildt, even asked what he had been smoking. He could have also questioned what crisis he was talking about. The news carried by media houses in the would have the answer. Sometime this week, a protest was held around a suburb of Stockholm, and it resulted in the affliction of injuries on a reporter wounded and a military personnel shooting at protesters. Also, tales of how six children of Afghan descent had killed themselves in the nation in the past six months, done badly by a policy made by the administration that could not handle the over 25,000 immigrant kids coming into the nation. All of these events are terrifying, but for Sweden, it’s a normal event. The country is not a country in total ruin, don’t get it twisted. You would be able to arrive at Stockholm’s prestigious airport; take a skate around the nation’s frozen lanes, barbecue sausages in the open community BBQ. The nation’s allure is still very much intact. The present administration has managed to reduce the inflow of asylum seekers by around 4/5. But it is its inability to incorporate the present citizens that have resulted in a different Sweden, one characterized by incessant gang related criminal activities and unemployment. It is comparatively easier to turn a blind eye to this in Stockholm, but not in Malmo, a town which is popular for migrants coming into the country from Denmark. Different crimes such as murder and theft are the order of the day.  

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