Developed Economies Also Face Fake Passport Issue

While the Pakistan Government is putting its best efforts to contain the foreign nationals with fake passports, another exclusive research revealed astonishing facts about the developed economies who are also struggling with a similar kind of situation. They are unable to identify the difference between the fake and the real one.

There is a huge demand for fake identities and fake travel documents in the international market. There are quite a good number of buyers and sellers for Australia, Canada, United States and other developed economies passports.

The United States had warned Europe on the visa-free travel arrangement as the fake passport market allows easy movement of people. The lost cards and stolen passports in the EU countries have doubled in the last five years.

The number of forged documents in the Middle East countries increased at an alarming rate. According to the data released by the Interpol, 250,000 documents overall were lost by the Iraqi and Syrian nationals.

France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, and Germany are the top five countries who have been warned about fake passports. These could cause serious internal disturbances to the nation.

In January 2016, 3000 Indians entered the United Kingdom with fake documents supplied by the Portuguese nationals. Loopholes in the system are being used fraudulently. On the borders of the United Kingdom, the number of people with fake passports increased by five percent.

Fake passports are not new to the developing world. Obtaining a passport is more complicated in the developed countries, but are on the rise. The United States has one million immigrants who are not registered at all. There are numerous instances to discuss, but effective implementation of policies alone can contain these illegal immigrants.

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