Dark People Become Targets In Thai Visa Crackdown

The Thailand Police has an operation set up, charged with apprehending illegal immigrants and visa abusers. The operation is known as, “X-ray Outlaw Foreigner” has some reservations about racism profiling. This is skeptical about catching asylum-seekers in its net. Thailand, with its low cost of living and beautiful beaches, attracts tourists every year in the millions. Thailand has a weak law enforcement that leaves its borders unchecked and throws the gate open for corruption. For this reason, the country has become an operational base for criminals. But the ‘X-ray Outlaw Foreigner’ have been arrested more than 1,000 people for overstaying their visas. Most of the visa offenders caught within this period are mostly citizens of neighboring countries. But, the general message behind the campaign seems to be racist-driven The Chief of Immigration Bureau, has, however, explained that their job is to categorize people with dark skin on who is good and who has criminal tendencies. He further explained that people will be violated who continues to stay in the country even after expiring their Visa. There are also scam unsuspecting people in the guise of a romantic relationship but indeed are only interested in defrauding them of their money.

Any results so far?

Going on an operation in Bangkok with about 75 police officers who were out and ready to catch these visa offenders, 30 suspects were arrested with about 50% of them being black. According to the immigration boss, Surcharge Hakparn, Thailand has over 6,000 people who have overstayed their visa time and are hiding out in the country. In order to establish peace and order in the country, we have to flush out these criminals and deport them. Stay connected to VisaCrimes to remain updated on visa news from the USA, the UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and India!

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