Crimes by Illegal Aliens are the Real Problem

Every year the customs border officials arrest hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who openly go against the laws of the United States by crossing the border without proper documentation.

Such undocumented entry is an unscrupulous act that requires punishment by the law.

Punishments, such as deportation and permanent barring from entering the United States, are applicable.

The undocumented migrants population consists of the majority who came into the country without the right authorization, a total breaching of the laws of the land, and the rest who come in legally but then overstay their welcome and become criminal minds.

The authorities in charge of migration presently approximate that around two-thirds of all the undocumented migrants in the United States came in without prior permission and the remainders are those who had overstayed their permit.

Both kinds of undocumented aliens are subject to deportation according to the migration and citizen Act section 237 (a)(1)(B) which clearly states that: “Any undocumented migrant who is living within the border of the United States is going against the codes of this Act or any other laws of the country and is subject to deportation.”

Those who clamor for undocumented migrants try to put it as a crime that does no harm to the nation at large, but the truth is that undocumented migration is the source of a lot of criminal activities in the United States and harms the citizens and legal migrants especially those who reside in areas susceptible to violence.

Undocumented migrants are also a source of great pain and strain to the economy.

They take a large chunk of public funding and do nothing as well.

The research carried out by the nation’s academy of sciences discovered that the levies paid by migrants do not even cover the cost of services that they receive in the end. The quality of education and a host of other important amenities experienced by them are greatly overshadowed by the needs of the numerous poor individuals in the country.

Also, the jostling for employment caused by desperate migrants who want jobs at any cost reduces the salaries and working conditions that can be accessed by citizens of the nation, with the minority workers and those without proper education at risk.

Undocumented migrants also cause a lot of uncontrollable increase in population all across the country.

This leads to overcrowding in the classrooms, housing and a whole lot of amenities.

Up until a few months back, migration officials approximated the number of undocumented migrants in the country to be 500,000 people every year.


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