Court orders resettlement plan for detainees of Manus Island – New Guinea

The Supreme Court of Papua - New Guinea, has ordered the Australia Government to prepare a rehabilitation plan for immigration detainees on Manus Island. In its previous ruling in April, the court termed the detention center on the Island as illegal.

According to the ruling, the resettlement plan should provide shelter to the 900 asylum seekers held on Manus Island. The PNG Government has ordered closure of the detention center, but Australian Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, was defiant over the issue.

On this issue the spokesman of Refugee Action Coalition, Ian Rintoul, said that "The level of frustration on Manus Island is as high as it has ever been. The court action, while a glimmer of hope, is frustrating them as there has been no action despite detention being found to be unlawful."

The Australia Federal Government has doubled compensation to Refugees who will return to their home country from Manus Island willingly. They would receive $20,000 to go back to their countries of origin.

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