Churches Warned Against Shielding Illegal Immigrants

A Christian leader is vehemently speaking against the rules of some churches protecting undocumented migrants from the rule of law. In a memo passed to the church, the Christian leader, Bishop Peter Libasci, stated that churches (especially Catholic) should desist from going against the rule of law and hiding migrants away from customs and border protection officials. Bishop Peter also said that the terminology of a safe house is being applied wrongly by undocumented migrants. “A lot of undocumented migrants make use of this language as they please- The church is an open front for every one of different race and tradition. We are always open to any and everyone but when you are running away from the law, there is little or nothing the church can do to help you in that regards." Bishop Peter also stated that the false advertisement of churches as a haven for undocumented migrants should cease, as the church would always keep with the laws of the country and would not hide anyone found guilty of going against the laws. “The law should be obeyed, and anyone found guilty of going against the law is liable to punished within the rules placed on the defaulter. If you come into the country without proper documentation, you should be punished for that.” The news corporations in the country have applauded the efforts by the church to hide undocumented migrants from the migration and border protection officials.

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