Chicago Approves IDs for Illegal Immigrants

These days, the legendary city of Chicago seems to be having a lot of problems to tackle these days, with a lot of the revolving around the probability of you being killed in the state that in some other state on any day of the week. But instead of focusing on more serious problems such as that, the state’s head of affairs have chosen to tackle the really “important matters” on their checklist of challenges. One of such issues is to start making and giving out special counties identity cards for different bodies, amongst which are undocumented migrants. I mean, could anything possibly go awry? Umm, you be the judge. In what is another “Justified means to combat President Trump,” Rahm Emmanuel is spearheading this scheme in his right. When he was questioned why he wouldn’t let both the state and federal government take care of such issues, his reply was “The federal government is one person you do not want to go to for help now. Not in such matters.” Yeah, an atrocious idea to get the federal government in on the matter. But let’s pause for a second and admire the fact that this part of the agenda isn’t that insane after all. There are some things that only the area government can truly and efficiently do at that level. When you talk about schemes to assist the elderly, build a shelter for the homeless, get rehab for mentally ill or drug addicts, the local government is special equipped to tackle such matters, and maybe a few of their population may require that a special identity card be given out to them. The city of New York has done it and continued to do it for decades, and even though their schemes hit some snags here and there, it tends to work more often than not. Of a truth, there is massive hysteria once you begin to include undocumented migrants into the scheme since they are not meant to be getting any benefits that taxpayers fund with their taxes. There probably is another question that Mr. Emmanuel should have answered before the start of this plan. Do undocumented migrants need an identity card that puts them on a public database? Some news has reported that a growing percentage of undocumented migrants are scared of having their data and information on any public database since the current president assumed the position of power.

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