90,000 Illegal Immigrants Released in the US since 2013

According to the House Committee on ‘Oversight and Government Reform’… 90,000 illegal immigrants have been released in the United States since 2013, who were involved in more than 200,000 crimes.

The Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said that close to a million illegal immigrants are living in the United States, even after receiving deportation orders.

During his opening statement, Jason stated that “We have people that come here legally to this country, and we have people that come here illegally. “Some 86,288 illegal immigrants have been released who committed crimes totaling 231,074. That’s a lot of criminal activity that can be totally and wholly avoided”.

Last year…kidnappers, murderers, and sex offenders were released. A total of 953,507 received deportation orders, but they remain in the United States. Last year alone some 19,723 foreign criminals were released, in which 64,197 people were convicted in various cases, including 934 sex offenses, 216 kidnappings, 804 robberies, 196 homicide-related convictions.

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