More than 100,000 Canadians Resides Illegally in the United States

In the late 1990s, Canadian nationals crossed the boundary separating Canada and the United States and were able to reside in the country free for up to six months.   With exception to him never actually leaving the United States and obtaining a United States government visa to remain in the country, the Canadian man simply lived in the States as a citizen and built a name and life for himself.   All that has changed, though; in the past two decades or so, the Canadian national has been something of an alien and foreigner in the United States.   “The Canadian man has a job in the United States. He has firms, and his firms have employees on its payroll,” Fadi Minawi, a Toronto-based attorney disclosed to reporters. “He approached me to inquire: “How do we get this permitted?””   Recently, undocumented migrants have become an easy mark for the new President of the United States’ administration. As such, an alarming number of Canadian nationals are questioning their fate right now.   Imagine undocumented immigrants and the misrepresentation of their image their immediately comes to mind. One of such cases is the situation of deprived Latinos coming in through the southern borders into Arizona or Texas, searching for greener pastures and a new lease of life. It may seem that a horde of Canadian nationals, despite arriving from an area of prosperity and opportunity, do reside illegally in the United States.   A research body postulates the whole number of undocumented Canadians at around 100,000, while a current survey by the American government stated that a lot of Canadians overstayed their allowed stay, and refused to leave in just one year only.   Migration attorneys affirmed that they continuously get news from Canadian nationals who had overstayed their legal allowance in the country by years.   Undocumented migrants from Canada refused to talk about their current situations when they were questioned by reporters.   But attorneys disclosed that they get entangled in a web of difficulties because they’ve become too attached with American citizens, they tend to get too comfortable and stay in the country longer than their permit allows them.   Some are aware that they are residing illegally in the country, others falsely believe it’s their right to stay in the country for as long as they please.   “Majority of the cause can be attributed to pure ignorance or a likeness for the country,” a Canadian-born American disclosed to reporters.

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