Illegal Immigrants Accused of Murdering Teacher


An inhabitant of Worcester, Sandra Hehir, was reportedly killed by strangulation by a 54-year-old man named Jose Melendez.

Migration and customs officials have confirmed to journalists that they have put Jose under detention in the United States.

Jose Melendez has had a long rap sheet with the police and had gone under other names such as Alvarado and Segura.

In 2014, Jose went against his probation after being found guilty of the offense of breaking and is presently being tried for two separate drug-related offenses after he reportedly made use of false names with the police authorities in Worchester.

The victim was a favorite teacher in her local area.

“Every moment of her life was spent being a nice and loving person,” School superintendent told reporters concerning Sandra.

“I hope the public unites in trying to look for the assailant who perpetrated this dastardly act.”

Jose Melendez faces the risk of deportation if released to the customs officials.

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