Divided Opinions on the Effects of Illegal Immigrants in USA

The new president of the United States, Donald Trump’s current budget makes room for the expenditure of over $1 billion over the next year for the arrest and sending back of illegal foreigners. The president also intends to spend more money to lay the foundation for the construction of the wall along the Mexican border. The list of illegal foreigners in the country is dropping across the nation, with exception to about six states, with the capital included.

The value is dependent on the figures got from 2014, according to a study carried out by Pew research institute.

A lot of illegal employees end up working on the farms and construction sites in Washington. This fallout is huge for many citizens who rely heavily on foreign hands to work on their plots or construction sites.

It’s an intricate symbiotic relationship with adverse effects for a lot of people, Americans included. An illegal immigrant, Rafael Hernandez, isn’t masking the truth about how he got into the United States. Rafael disclosed that he trekked for about five days through the desert to cross the U.S-Mexico border.

He still sends money to his family in Mexico; a wife and three kids.

He hasn’t set his eyes on them in three years. “The money.

I am here simply because of the money. I have to work for the money,” Rafael told reporters. Each passing day, Rafael sits outside a hardware complex with the hope that someone in need of construction workers would come his way to offer him a job.

He told reporters that a lot of people still offer him jobs knowing fully well that he is an illegal migrant.

A lot of individuals place importance on Rafael’s work ethic, but to a lot, he is seen as a threat. “The field is not level. There are not equal opportunities for everyone. We have to survive,” Ross said.

Ross disclosed that he is in charge of his own business that makes concrete. He rejects illegal migrants and does not hire them. He admits that puts him at a disadvantage when compared with other construction businesses.

“Other businesses acquire labour for half the price. Those who do it without adhering strictly to the law get to outbid you,” Ross disclosed.

He also says that is usually the situation when residential jobs are to be done. “I used to be active previously. Now I just manage, trying to survive,” Ross said.

Although, Ross admitted that he is concerned about more than just his means of survival. He thinks about the effect it would have on the next phase of life.

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