Around 9862 Illegal Employees Arrested In Saudi Arabia

The nation’s security agencies has arrested around 9862 individuals over previous six months in Al Jouf for violating the labor and residency rules of the country.

According to the assistant press spokesperson for Police, Maj. Yazeed bin Saud Al Nomas, the security officers has helped the Ministry of labor. He told that many raids will be conducted and also warned that those providing shelter to the violators will face severe punishments.

He also told that earlier raids has involved blocking of areas in order to catch the illegal employees. Those who has been held includes employees from many nations and they are now being placed in the detention centers for facing lawful action and extradition.

The security officials had conducted regular inspections to get hold of illegal employees to minimize the crimes like robbery, brewing liquor and sorcery. As per the police, many offenses in the Kingdom are committed by unlawful residents who have been staying illegitimately even after the expiry of their visas.

The Interior Minister had previously recommended entire illegitimate expatriates in the country for correcting their status of job and residency after the conclusion of period of amnesty on 1st November 2013 or leave the nation.

After the end of amnesty, the authorities started crack down on many overseas employees who had desecrated their term of visa with surprise inspections and in offices of firms and on streets.

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