Hong Raises Matter With India As Increase In Asylum Seekers

A sharp increase in asylum seeker numbers has prompted government of Hong Kong to lift the matter with the government of India and for considering steps to stop the entry of illegitimate immigrants.

As per government statistics available from Hong Kong, around 10,450 pending asylum applicants are from South or Souteast Asian nations, with Indians accounting for 20%, next are the people from Vietnam 20% and Pakistanis 18%, Bangladeshis 12% and Indonesians 10%.

Hong Kong Immigration statistics has revealed that around 46% of applicants are smuggled in while 47% visited as visitors but has overstayed. Another 7% were those who claimed on the spot following being denied permission to land after arriving.

Hong Kong Government was trying many alternatives to stop  asylum visa.  The Hong Kong Government is not asking for change in visa on arrival there can be online registration for pre arrival in the home nation prior to departure. This means a tourist would have to apply to the government of Hong Kong for approval prior arrival.

Asylum applicants from India have increased from 10 in the year 2013 to 134 in the year 2014. According to the former president, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, M Arunachalam, genuine tourists suffers due to fake asylum seekers. At the time when an illegitimate immigrant is taken into custody, it takes two years for completing the process of verifying and extraditing them.

Government of Hong Kong is concerned about the reports that few agencies in India are suspected to be arranging citizens of India to visit Hong Kong under asylum visa,.

Government of Hong Kong had meetings with Indian counter parts and expressed their concerns over increase in individuals who are entering the country illegally and had also requested the Indian government to render entire possible help in combating certain crimes.

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