Trump’s Decision to Put an End to Unfair Use of H1B Visas

Posted on: 14 Mar 2017  |   Tags: H1B visa , immigration news , latest crime in USA ,

H1B visas allow individuals to work in the United States legally for a temporary period. Sometimes, there’s a deficit of US-born skilled professionals which causes companies to hire talented foreign nationals to fill high-skilled job positions. In 2016, the USCIS received petitions more than thrice the amount of visas that can be issued annually (i.e. more than 85,000).

Skeptics believe that certain outsourcing companies misuse these H1B visas to recruit foreigners to work for giant companies who don’t pay them as much as they pay their American employees. But this does not have any valid proof.

Donald Trump has announced that he would make certain reforms in the existing visa regulations to put a stop on H1-B visa exploitation. Darrell Issa, a Californian Republican, proposed a bill according to which any company paying less than $ 100,000 as wages to their H1B employees will have to produce an evidence showing why they couldn’t employ Americans for the same positions.

Currently, there is a similar law, but the difference is that they’ve fixed the wage amount at $ 60,000 and foreign employees with advanced degrees are exempted from this rule. However, this issue would be taken care of by the regulation mentioned above.

Trump said that this bill would ensure the protection of US-born professionals while setting a high benchmark.

This has challenged tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook since they’re some of the top companies who hire H-1B workers every year. In fact, they have even demanded an increase in the annual US H1B visa cap since there are more jobs than can be filled.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat representing the tech industry has criticized Issa’s bill, saying that it wouldn’t really solve the real problem. She has proposed another bill which suggests that the lottery system used to select petitions must be abolished altogether which would address the issue of foreign workers being paid less wages.

Many IT firms depend upon H1B visas to hire skilled workers. Furthermore, doctors, teachers, engineers, also look forward to obtaining this visa. Critics of the visa program say that these reforms will increase others chances of getting the H1B visa.

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