Study in Germany Reveals Link between Foreigners, Refugees and Criminality

There has been a wide range of discussions and thoughts about the link between immigrants and criminality. Some say there is a link, and some others say there is no proof of connection while others say no link between the two. A recent study by DPA in Germany shows a clear link between foreigners or refugees and criminality. The alleged link between foreigners and criminality is not limited to Germany, and it is a global phenomenon. In 2016, when Mr. Trump was campaigning for the president of the US, he called immigrants rapists who bring drugs and crime to the country. Similarly, there has been fierce debate about the link between foreigners and the rate if crimes in Germany. Anti-immigrants politicians have consistently referred to this link as the reason why immigration quotas must be reduced.

Study Proves Link

DPA did an extensive study to have a clearer picture of criminal activities of Germans and foreigners. It was conducted to coincide with the anniversary of the Kandel stabbing attack which happened on 27th December 2017. This study was carried out to prove with facts the alleged criminal predispositions of foreigners, mainly refugees. The study revealed there is a lot of middle ground between the extremes usually claimed by politicians on this matter as well as highlighting the complex intricacies in linking background and criminality. According to figures presented by the study, 13 percent of the total German population is foreigners. 32.5% of the total number of convicts in the country are foreigners. This huge percentage of foreigners in people convicted of crimes is enough proof to support politicians who claim foreigners have the propensity to commit the crime, but the uncertainty surrounding the definition of the term 'foreigners' makes this takes away from this credence. All non-Germans, including American tourists heading to Oktoberfest or Syrian refugees, are grouped under foreigners. Each year Germany welcomes about half its population as tourists. In the same vein, statistics have shown that Germans in Austria are more likely to be suspected of crimes than Austrians - also more than German in Germany. Yearly, 10,000 of the estimated 190,000 Germans living in Austria are suspected of crimes - this is one in every 20 Germans. This should mean a plague of German criminals holding Austria hostage but is not. Germans in Austria are far higher than 190,000. A lot of Germans visit Austria even for just a day, and the open border system makes statistics for this almost impossible. Therefore, it also follows that though the 32.5% figure is valid, it is not an accurate representation of the criminality of foreigners who are actually Germany residents. Stay in touch and get alerts & emails directly in your inbox by subscribing to Visa Crimes Check here for our latest immigration updates, local immigration activities, emerging trends, visa news updates for Australia, Canada, US, UK, Germany and more.

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