Six men arrested in Dubai for forging Visas

A group of six men has been sentenced to three years prison by the Dubai Court for forging the travel visas to European Countries.

A 33-year old man from Afghanistan waho used to work as a salesperson, used a middleman for operation. The middlemen were from India and Afghanistan moved to Dubai on valid passports.

The police arrested the man following the information from confidential sources; he admitted his involvement, he also said that a man from Austria also assisted him in the forgery scam.

The Police officers found Afghan and British passports, and the accused stated that he is not involved in forging visas to South Korea, Turkey, Germany, and Austria.

Another gang member, from Pakistan, denied forging visa application letters to the Turkish embassy.

The four other men involved in the case, an Indian, two Pakistanis, and a Bahrain national denied supporting others in the case.

All the six members must spend three-year jail term and once after serving the prison sentence; they will be deported.

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