Gang Involved in Forged Documents for 12 Entry Visas Arrested in Dubai

Gang Involved in Forged Documents for 12 Entry Visas Arrested in Dubai

A four member gang was arrested in Dubai against the complaint of forging official documents for issuing entry permits to 12 persons in the sponsorship of local people.

The Process of Forgery

Ali Humaid Bin Khatem, the Senior Advocate General in Residency Prosecution, stated that four men forged power of attorney of local people and presented the same with the copy of Emirate ID to Tasheel centers for obtaining the visa permits. The prosecution stated that the gang had issued 12 visa permits at the cost of 5,000 Dirham each. It was discovered when a person visited immigration and searched for the Emirates sponsor who later denied regarding issuing the permit in his name.

An investigation, followed and it was discovered that a person was the brains behind this scam. Officials subsequently arrested that man who confessed to working as a middleman with people seeking Dubai as a destination and three men who helped to get the visas issued. The person provided the picture and details of workers and forwarded them to other members for issuing the visa at a cost of 5,000 Dirham.

The Prosecution and Sentencing

Also the gang was paying money to mysterious people for providing them copies of Emirates IDs. They forged power of attorney of these ID’s.

The Tasheel employees were not involved as they were not able to discover the documents forgery presented by the suspected persons. The employees requested the visa permits after filling up the forms and attached documents that were presented to them. 12 persons had entered UAE in sponsorship of Emirate people.

Public Prosecution in Dubai charged these suspects with forgery of official documents and further using it for issuing lawful entry permits. They were also referred to Dubai Court for trial.

Bin Khatem has urged Tasheel centers for checking the documents properly to issue entry permits in the sponsorship of Emirates people before applying for such permits.

Firm Dealing

The authorities will not remain idle against scams and people indulging in forgery of documents. They will be prosecuted and forwarded to criminal courts.

As per UAE law, all people indulging in forgery of official documents and using it get a jail sentence of ten years and foreigners are deported.

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