Man On Visitor Visa Arrested For Faking friend in Dubai

An Indian visitors to Dubai had faked his friend to take blood test who is undergoing treatment for hepatitis.

According to the Dubai Criminal Court proceedings, the visitor who imitated as his friend secured all valid documents and posed himself as a salesman.

The medical staff of the hospital checked the documents, they found something misleading in the picture and alerted the security staff regarding the problem.

The security staff immediately responded to the call and seized the person. The Indian visitor admitted that he faked the documents, and the friend who was waiting at the reception was also taken into custody.

The further proceedings will be held on June 2.

IndianGovernment also issued a guideline, to its nationals stating that they should abide by the law of the land.

The people are uneducated who do not understand the laws, simply fall into a trap of the fraudsters.

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