Two Arrested For Faking Youth Of Overseas Jobs In Kerala

The Ernakulam police in India arrested two people in connection with the overseas recruitment fraudulent practice.

The culprits named Ayyappa das, and Sachin were arrested in the Haryana by the Haryana Police. The two accused cheated youth of the Aluva region, the complaints on two of them is increasing as the youth from different parts of the state claiming for the same.

Youth were assured of jobs in the Singapore international airport, as the two conducted recruitment drives in Kerala and Haryana. The drives were conducted at various aviation units in Haryana and Kerala.

The candidates were asked to pay 2.40 lakh as part of training; the selected candidates were moved to Malaysia on the pretext of training.

Those who reached Malaysia were compelled to work in hotels and were not at all paid for the hard work done in the nation. The youth somehow managed to inform their parents and return tickets were arranged for their return. The complaint was lodged against them.

Upon investigations, the facts revealed that the culprits received massive support from the aviation centers and the big bosses of the industry.

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