Using Unauthorized Instead Of Illegal Alien

As per the library officials, the Congress library has decided to halt utilizing the term illegal immigrant as it conveys a negative implication and also could be confused with being from other planet.

The step is the new flash point in country debate over how to mention 11 million individual who are residing in the US without lawful status of immigration.

The advocates of immigrants have long denounced illegal immigrant term as incorrect and depreciatory. The critics of immigration policy of the US have argued that the term is incorrect description for individuals who had broken rule and they don’t belong here.

The 11 million individuals without status has 11 million stories and cases. To judge them all is hard. The law of US immigration is often made complicated, contradictory or nuanced.

The nationality of the overseas resident because the nation of origin matters in the immigration law of the US. It makes much sense and is much more accurate.

it is unfair for describing individuals who were brought in the nation illegally as kids with negative terminology. They got no idea about breaking rules and no control on their fate.

The Library of Congress Standard and Policy Division want to modify its subject from replacement of illegal aliens with unauthorized immigrants and aliens to non-citizens.

Few news agencies has stopped utilizing the term illegal immigrant and replaced it with unauthorized immigrant.  The motto behind the change is that the individual are not illegitimate but their acts could be. So they say illegitimate immigration but would not say illegitimate immigrant.

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