US Terminates Visa For 306 Students From India Over Visa Fraud

According to the External Affairs Minister,  the admission of around 306 students from India in a university of the US made as part of investigations by US Homeland Security has been removed on charges of visa fraud.

According to him, the US authorities has detained from all over the US around 22 brokers, employers and recruiters  few of whom are their own citizens who purportedly planned with overseas citizens to falsely got student and overseas employees visas for latter through pay to reside Northern New Jersey University.

As per the Minister, this college was actually created and functioned as part of the US HSI enforcement plan  in this issue.

According to the government of the US, during the probe, HSI special agents had identified around 1075 overseas citizens who earlier visited the US on F1 visa to attend their universities and were found to knowingly  take part in the visa crime by admitting at the university  for purpose of illegitimately getting  and maintaining their student visa status.

Around 306 of these students are Indians, the US authorities has cancelled their admission of these students.

As per the information from the Minister, US authorities has mentioned that any student thus who admissions has been cancelled and those who did not select to file for reinstatement or their reinstatement application has been denied, should leave the nation immediately.

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