US Lawyer Gets One Month Imprisonment For Fake Immigration Documents

US lawyer gets one month imprisonment for fake immigration documents

The US attorney in Customs and Immigration Department has been sentenced to one month of in custody for counterfeiting a document for making it look similar to an Mexican individual who wish to reside in the US and was not entitled for doing so.

According to a report, an individual whose name Jonathan M Love was also sentenced to around 100 hours in community service.

He earlier pleaded responsible to a lack of right charge, admitting he utilized his position for depriving Ignacio Lanuza from due process.

Love has been charge following complaint filed by Lanuza against him and the government for seeking compensation for lawful expenses Lanuza had incurred due to this incident.

According to the prosecution,  Love had doctored a form connected to an communication Lanuza had with an officer from immigration department which then undercut the ability of the individual for fighting an action of extradition.

The cause of actions from Love stays uncertain.

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