Students at fake university complaints security damage in sting operation

For overseas born students who are desperate to reside in the US, the University of Northern New Jersey seems like perfect answer. They don’t have to go  to the class, but can get covated student visas and still do work at their dream jobs.

They just required to pay broker around 3000 to 12000 dollars, since more than three years, over a thousand has agreed to this fact. And that was their fault.

Last month, the government had revealed that the university was false that resulted in detention of around 22 brokers who arranged for students to get enrolled. These brokers were from underground network of hires functioning all over the country that enacted as middlemen between the fraud school and students.

Twenty five students were mentioned as unidentified  as co –conspirators, but officers said that all of them knew that they were doing wrong by not going to the class. Around 1076 of them were ordered to appear in the court of immigration, to face extradition or lifetime ban from the US.

As per the spokesman from the US DHS Department, Alvin Phillips, they were 100% aware. All alleged students are recorded at certain point or another fully going along with pay to reside scheme.

He also said that he personally saw few of the exchanges, and heard students talking about they knew the university will not have classes.

But many students has insisted that they were collateral damage in the sting operation. Fooled by brokers and the government.

In few cases, their efforts for verifying the university  or transfer were rejected by the broker. Students also pointed out towards active deception by the government. In personal meeting with president of the university, confirmation of letters that they can do the job instead of going to the classes, messages on social media about classes revoked due to dire weather.

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