Security Checking Is The Only Way To Curb Rise In Crimes

Posted on: 26 Apr 2016  |   Tags: ,

As per a recent crime report, a fake office of domestic labor was raided following the Residency Investigation Department had got information that the fake office was hiring laborers on every day wages.

Four Ethiopian men and eight women were taken into custody and fake bills and seals were taken away from that office. The suspects were referred to concerned authorities.

further to be annoy by the matter of few incompetent, domestic employees who had inundated the domestic market currently. The remarkable thing about the current discovery of fake maid’s office run by few expacts is degree of cruelty of crime.

The country hears and read frequently about the fake offices being run by few foreigners, a criminal phenomenon that is needed further investigation. The government must need entire overseas embassies to give any criminal records of their citizens mainly those who are employed in Kuwait as domestic employees. The potential domestic worker must get clearance of criminal record for submitting to Kuwaiti embassies overseas.

Kuwait needs to raise the number of raids and security checks. providing additional rewards to those individuals who inform about criminals and over stayers may place further control on crime.

If it is not stopped then the country might end up with the latest phenomenon of maids employed on daily wages abusing the kids of sponsors.

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