The Secret Nature of Trump Order on Crime and Terror to Feed Policies

Posted on: 12 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime in USA , immigration news , latest visa news ,

Deep down in two of Current United States’ president’s migration policy are schemes to pull together information on imminent threats that incoming foreigners tend to pose to the country. The new data pool will propel policies Donald Trump insists are created to secure the integrity of the nations’ security, reports have gathered.

The pooling of information seems to be a part of a concrete effort made by the president and his cabinet, dating as far back as to the start of Donald Trump’s quest for candidacy to challenge for the white house, to link foreigners coming into the country with criminal tendencies even in the face of opposing evidence. It also arrives in a time when there are ever growing concerns that since the confirmation of Donald Trump’s victory, the level of hatred and hate related crime in the country had spiked significantly.

Earlier in the week, a revision of the immigration law passed was temporarily put on hold and rejected visas to foreign nationals from around six of the banned Muslim countries.

Renewing the previous law, the current order also incorporates a lot of prerequisites for the gathering of information on foreigners, the majority of whom may not be convicted of wrongdoings previously. The pilot reports utilizing this information will not be made public for months after first gathered although some foreign policy experts doubt how the data and information would be collected and made available. This uncertainty stems from what the experts perceive to be the partial and sometimes incorrect utilization of data by officials in charge.

Judges of the current administration postulate that correspondent information is already being used wrongly to uphold disputable law proposals. An example is the travel policy that was made known to the general public early on Monday, where various officials of the administration made known information that the Bureau of the investigation was currently carrying out questioning related to terrorism on over 300 refugees that were allowed entry into the United States.

Describing the current state of the situation, the officials declined pleas by reporters to give a detailed account and sources for the number which was called into question.

“We have no idea what this is. The nature of the questionings? The stage of the examination? They just dropped a random figure to make the people panic unnecessarily,” an immigration expert said.

“They say just about enough to state clear a point but would not go further as to provide the general public the total information required to validate their claims.”

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