Punjab Police unearths child trafficking to the United States

The Police in Punjab have unearthed a trafficking case,in which minor children were sent to the United States, with the help of people imitating as parents. The Punjab Police till now identified 20 such children who moved to the United States with passports of other children.

The Punjab Police, additional deputy commissioner,investigating the case released the photographs of children, who travelled to the USA; the pictures were sent to the Indian Embassy in the United States,after their identification they will deport to the United States immediately.

The commissioner said that there are three real parents and two fake parents involved in the fake passport scam.

The US visa holder Amandip Singh from Jalandhar imitated as a father to Jobanpreet Singh and Harjinder Kaur as a wife of the Amandip. The actual father of Jobapreet had paid a huge sum of Rs. 26 lakhs to the person who arranged the whole system.

The main culprit was Sarabjit Sharma, who arranged the visas to the children, but the kingpin of the scam lives in the United States his name is Sukhwinder Singh, and he has been the major facilitator. He also moved to the United States along with the Sarabits wife as a fake parent to the USA.

The Punjab Police is looking for the real parents and the fake parents and the photographs have been sent to the airport authorities.

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