Philadelphia Facing Raids For Unregistered Immigrants

Immigration has become the most important topic for discussion in the presidential campaign of the United States. The candidates have the most divergent plans to address the issue of the immigrants in the United States.

The United States Immigration and Customs enforcement announced its big plans to raid the areas where immigrants are living largely without any proper documentation.

There are totally one million undocumented immigrants in the United States, before the announcement for the raids, the New Sanctuary Members conducted the sessions to the undocumented immigrants.

The future of the undocumented immigrants is uncertain in any country; the individuals living in the United States are detained and deported for just not being documented.

There is also a problem with the mixed response the status of the individuals who have a connection with the legal immigrants. They can make plans to organize themselves and settle accordingly through legal immigration procedures. There are chances of obtaining the immigrant status for legal immigrants; even the judiciary supports them with the lawyer to face the legal battle in the court.

The Undocumented immigrants will not have an opportunity, the constitution moves them to the backlogged immigration courts where possibly they have to fight for protecting the status or face deportation.

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