An Individual Is Arrested Following Immigration Raid On Corby Store In The UK

An individual who was working at Corby store has been arrested following an immigration raid. The immigration enforcement officials had visited Loco in Occupation Road after getting a tip off.

Employees were queried for checking if they got the right to reside and work in the country, before officers had detained a 29 year old individual for staying on his visa even after his visa had expired.

He was arrested pending his elimination from the UK.

The store was served a warning notice that a fine of upto 20,000 pounds for employing illegitimate employee could be imposed.

The business would be accountable for paying this penalty till it could show that the proper pre employment checking were carried out or not, like a document from UK Home Office confirming the job permission.

Home Office official had said that the team of Immigration enforcement are well resourced for handling the illegitimate working.

Illegitimate working  cheats the taxpayes, undercuts the honest employers and means legal job seekers are denied job chances. He has asked the people to report any suspected illegitimate working to them, as data from the public is important.

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