Indian Workers in UAE gets trapped over Tourist Visas Scam

As per the recent report the number of Indians hired by exploitative employers and the recruiters is only seeing a spike. Millions of Indians are hired on the visitor visa to UAE, with the purpose of employment, often hired at a short notice to work on large construction and other related projects.


The employees are exploited to work under the fear of job on a illegal status. The record of the problem is unknown as visit visa status does not appear in Indian or UAE migration or employment records.


And hence the Indian migrants entering in UAE for employment through visit visa status land up in an abusive job. The police, workers, lawyers and activists said that there are close to 3 million Indian migrants who are hired by recruiters and employers through a visit visa process on a short notice.


"Employers and recruiters have colluded and invented this visit visa route," said Bheem Reddy, president of the Emigrants Welfare Forum in the southern Indian state of Telangana.


The charity estimates at least 10000 migrants from the state of Telangana itself likely to be staying and working in UAE on illegal staus.


The demand of workers on short notice during Dubai Expo 2020 has fuelled the scam further more according to the UN Nations(on condition of anonymity).


Often these workers land up in the issues like No Worker Rights and are scared to speak out. Employers in the UAE use it to their advantage as reported by many illegal workers in the UAE to authorities and local police. As per their complaints they are said to be hired on a short notice on a visitor visa status confirming on extending it to a work permit at a later stage and are often put to work at extra hours(few of them mentioned it to be about 16 hours a day and more in some cases) and are paid lesser than what was evenutally promised.


In a complaint raise by an Indian worker he mentioned to the police that he was offerred to receive a monthly salary of 1000 Dirhams, but was paid only 800 Dirhams with no overtime pay. The complaintant also informed that most of the agents collect the passport at the airport itself and on receiving their concern they threaten them about the possibilities of getting into the Jail if the authorities in the UAE come to know about their work status on visitor visa.


This leaves with no choice for the Indian migrants to end up into abusive jobs. Though the measures are been taken constantly by the Indian as well as the UAE authorities to eradicate the scam, despite the number just doesn’t seem to be diminishing.


In the view of COVID-19 we advise you to follow the instrcution of #StayHome#SocialDistance.


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