Immigration New Zealand Flooded With India Fraud Cases

The immigration office of New Zealand in Mumbai is being flooded with many cases of frauds, with dishonest agents trying to get students into foreign institutes in New Zealand.

Few institutes in New Zealand are collaborating with fraudsters, and which is putting the nation’s reliability at risk.

Mumbai city is home to many students who dreamt of residing and pursuing education in New Zealand.

In the previous two years of time, the Immigration office of New Zealand in Mumbai has exposed around 338 imposters with fraud identities, around 340 fake fund documents, 39 other bogus documents, 265 education agents providing applications with deceitful information.

Few of the deceptive information like bogus entry tests for English language. The government is saying that they would punish the corrupt operators.

As per Tertiary Education Minister of New Zealand, Steven Joyce, there has been many providers who has got ability to hire foreign students who are stopped since many years.

The relaxed testing of English language has earlier caused awkward and grim problems. in the year 2014, the immigration office of New Zealand in Mumbai did a survey of students got placement offer in an institution of New Zealand and were assessed as having passed entire requirements of English language.

It was revealed that only 17 students out of 178 were considered  credible students with genuine intentions and satisfactory abilities in English language.

As per the government, since then the rules has been tightened up in India and students should sit globally recognized tests.

Previous week,  it was revealed that  two woman lodged complaints that they had been asked to fake English tests at  foreign academy  of New Zealand located in Auckland.

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