Immigration Agent Accused of Accepting Cash Bribes

Posted on: 11 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime in USA , immigration news , latest visa crime ,

A retired customs worker in the United States has been charged and found guilty of receiving payments and sex from foreigners without valid consent of the department of immigration in return for job openings and legal papers that make them citizens.

The culprit, ArnaldoEchevarria, was convicted of taking a bribe, telling untrue statements and providing shelter illegally for people living in the United States. His defense attorney did say that an appeal to the case is unavoidable.

Arnaldo was offered cash incentives of around seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) from foreigners trying to enter the country illegally in return for job security papers from 2014 – 2014. In another case, he asked and was offered sex.

He was also charged with hiding his lover’s migration position and providing her with a hair business salon while deceiving immigration officials.

Arnaldo also gave his lover and other workers cash gifts to prevent them from doing the necessary documentation; accusers told the court.

He was granted permission by the immigration department to open up a business for his lover in 2012 after he confirmed that the business would not interfere with his job and that he would not offer jobs to individuals who were in the country without legal documentations. Accusers also said his girlfriend, who was an illegal migrant to the country, was in charge of the shop.

Arnaldo stands to spent about fifteen years in jail should he be convicted in June.

Accusers also said he lied about those who gave him monetary gifts being given temporary citizen status which is meant to provide immunity for people coming into the United States.

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