Illegitimate Immigrant Minors, Families Are Flooding Southern US Border

Two years back, Obama administration had referred to increase of central US kids and families visiting the US as humanitarian crisis.

As per the latest statistics, agents has arrested around 27,754 unaccompanied children from Central US in initial six months of FY, almost double previous year’s total of 15616 and just short of 2014 year record of 28579.

The immigrants traveling as families is even bigger with around 32117 detained almost triple previous year’s total of 13913 and above the year 2014 increase statistics of 19830.

Altogether, mass departure from the Central US represent biggest mass immigration to the US.

According to the DHS, almost 5,00,000 immigrants who visited the US illegitimately previous year had overstayed their visa. Yet as per the US ICE, the agency had removed less than 30,000 overstays or fewer than 1%.

Over 40% of illegitimate entries, illegitimate individual that remain in the US come in by visa and just overstay here.  So the process of locating and identifying them and putting them in proceeding of removal are very importantly removing them as soon as possible from the nation is important.

The US don’t have means to track overstayers  easily despite a rule and million dollars appropriated by the Congress for doing so.

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