Illegal Immigrants And Their Impact On Economy Of The US

It is often heard about the problems that are created by the illegal immigrants, these problems include a reduce demand for r unskilled labor, less pay for entry level employments and increased cost to federal and state governments.  US Illegal immigrants impact the economy of the country in many ways.

Illegal Immigrants are cheap and common labor source for businesses

It is hard for anybody in the US to say that they had not gained from the illegal labor. The common area where we gain from the illegal employees is the unskilled workers. illegal and unskilled workers flood the market of labor and drives out the unskilled employees of the US in many fields.

The other area which is affected by the illegal immigrants is the food industry. The workers working in the kitchens of restaurants might be illegal immigrants who are paid less wages.

Many big business also prefers illegal immigrants, so they could avoid for insurance.

Economic contribution of Illegal Immigrants to the Economy of the US

Illegal immigrants should obtain TIN number for paying taxes. With the TIN number, the illegal immigrants could do work as independent contractor. Residency needs are easy to accomplish by renting an apartment or paying monthly bill in the US. The authorities of immigration prefers bills that comes from state or local offices of government like property tax or utility bills etc.

Illegal immigrants has also paid around $100 million to the fund for social security in the previous ten years with less intention of recovering their contributions.  Both local and State and government also gains from taxes that are paid by the illegal immigrants. for instance, in the year 2010, illegal immigrants had paid around $10 billion in form of taxes to the local and state govts.

Financial drawback of illegal immigrants in the US

There are many financial drawbacks to illegal immigrants in the US.  They commit around 30% of crimes in every state.  The rate of murders is 50%.  The amount of prosecuting illegal immigrants is in billions.

The IRS takes tax returns from illegal immigrants, knowing that a minimum of 75% of those individuals committed crimes.

Illegal immigrants get tax deductions and exemptions but they are not eligible. Many illegal immigrants visit the US for making living for their family members.  its criminals that crosses the borders that cost the taxpayers of the US every year.

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