Four People Detained In Immigration Raids In The UK

Posted on: 07 May 2016  |   Tags: Job in UK , Migrate to UK , UK Immigration , Work in UK ,

Four people were detained by the Immigration officials from the UK as the officials had visited the Double Tree Indian Restaurant  in West Strand Road in the and the Jaffa Mediterranean restaurant in Friar gate. Employees in entire three restaurants were queried to set up whether they got right to reside and right to do job in the UK.

Officials said that at Double Tree Indian Restaurant they find out Bangladeshi citizen who got immigration application that does not enable him to do the job in the UK. He was taken from the place and should report regularly to immigration enforcement as his case is in progress.

Officials also detained two Bangladeshi individuals in Silk route, who were staying illegally on their visas. Pakistani individual was also detained who was staying illegally on his student visa. Entire three were taken to detention centres of immigration awaiting removal from the UK.

Three businesses were served warning notices that they could be fined 20,000 pounds for each illegal employee until they could show that the proper checking was carried out like passport and document of right to work.

According to the spokesman of Home Office, they are ready to strong take action against employers who hire illegal labor. Team of Immigration officials carry out regular action like this. Businesses establishments need to carry out the needed work rights checking on their employees and failing to do so would result in risk of heavy penalty.

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