Fake Marriages Linked To Transnational Crime In Bangkok

Posted on: 05 May 2016  |   Tags: Overseas citizens , Transnational crime ,

Immigration Department in Thailand is cracking down on fake marriages that involves illegitimate residents in its current drive in battling transnational crime.

According to Chief of Department, Nathothorn Prousoontorn, many overseas citizens are have resorted to sham marriages as a loophole for residing in the nation.

Few individuals who visit with fake marriages here in Thailand has committed crimes in other nations and visited Thailand to conceal.

Around 150 Thai women has married foreigners in the previous few months. The number has usually increased and it set off doubtful about marriage for hire.

The information came after the government had tightened the controls of immigration and started a crackdown on foreigners who were staying even after they visas got expired.

Severe penalty for those who are overstaying on their visas came into force since the month of March. Under latest rules from Interior Ministry, foreign tourists who overstays over three months would be banned from re visiting the nation for a period of year.

Individuals who overstay for over a period of one year would face ban of re entry for three years. Those who found to be overstaying for three years would be banned for five years and those overstaying for five years would be banned for ten years.

Foreigners who are caught in criminal cases and who overstay would be barred from re visiting the nation for five years.

Previous year, the department has deported around 4,86, 947  foreigners who overstayed their visas and collected penalty of around 276 million of baht. other 3,23, 575  foreigners who are overstaying stays at large.

Overseas citizens who married to Thai women are issued a privilege that they need to renew their visa once in a year.

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