Dubai Immigration Official Involved In Forged Documents Scam

An Emirati woman working in the Naturalization and Residency Department, Dubai favored her friend to grant 120 visas using fake documents.

The woman had granted 127 visa applications in three months, a 46-year-old Emirati woman friend of the immigration official made Dhs 900000 by using the forged tenancy documents. The applicants willing to bring their families to Dubai used to approach the woman, and by providing the fake tenancy documents the woman emirate woman seeking help from the immigration official who is her friend.

The woman who used to run consultancy had two Indian supporters for service, the lady charged thousands of Dirhams to the clients. The Dubai Police traced the scam by arresting the woman.

The low paid workers in Dubai cannot bring their families as they won’t be able to produce documents. The lady was taking care of providing the forged documents and without much verification, the lady known to her in the embassy would grant visas without much verification.

The Indian accomplices in the Dubai also have been charged and the official who was bribed in the scam was also charged for the same.

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