Ashburn Couple Indicates In $20 Million Visa Fraud Scheme

Posted on: 29 Apr 2016  |   Tags: H-1B program , H-1B visa , Indian employees , US H-1B Program ,

An Ashburn couple with four co-plotters was point toward in federal court for allegedly deceiving the government by applying for over 800 million illegitimate immigration gains under the program of H-1B visa that outcomes in over $ 20 million in profits.

Raju Kosuri and Smrithi Jharia, critically built a system of visa for scale since the year 2008 but the business as per the court documents were ramped in the year 2011.

Kosuri as per court documents, establish a network of shell firms that he submitted to immigration authorities as independent business of Indian employees but that he controlled and owned. Kosuri and his co plotters utilities these entities for filing the petitions for non existent work vacancies. Kosuri is alleged to have needed employees to pay their fee for visa processing  with treating beneficiaries as hourly contractors, all in violation of regulation of H-1B program. The scheme includes the forgery of many people signatures on petitions of visa and exhibits without their knowledge.

It was also suspected that Kosuri and Jharia plot with consultant to deceive the administration of small business  by sending fraud applications.  Kosuri and Jharia are alleged to have hide the true location, ownership and employees of business for getting federal loan and preferences of contract that generated around $1,50,000 in loan proceeding and five contract rewards.

Kosuri, Jharia and Piluso are facing atmost fine of 30 years in custody if they are convicted. The co plotters face utmost fine of ten years in custody if convicted.

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