Ash Vale Restaurant In UK Can Face 80,000 Pounds Of Fine

An Indian restaurant can face a penalty of 80,000 pounds after illegal employees were found during the immigration raid.

Three individuals from Bangladesh were detained, that includes one who visited the UK illegitimately after the operation at Spice of India Restaurant. Fourth individual is also native of Bangladesh has been reported to the UK Home Office.

Taking action after getting the information, immigration enforcement officials raided the Wharf Road restaurant and it was revealed that nobody had go legal work rights in the UK.

Among those three detained, one individual who age is 26 was found doing job violating his student visa conditions.

Another individual whose age was 34 years was overstaying on his visa and another individual whose age was 37years was found that he had visited the UK illegitimately.

All three individual has been arrested pending their exclusion from the country.

The fourth individual, whose age was 24, was overstaying on his visa has been asked to report the UK Home Office regularly while his case is in progress.

Spice of India and Indian Restaurant can face a penalty of 80,000 pounds for every illegitimate employee until it shows it carried out appropriate pre job checks.

As per the official from UK Home Office, the department is taking serious note on this and carrying out constant operations for tackling this abuse of system. Illegitimate functioning cheats the taxpayer, undercuts truthful employers and means lawful job seekers are deprived of job opportunities. Employers who disobey the rules face a heavy fine. We depend on data from members of the public and would request public to report suspected illegitimate working.

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