Around 30 Immigrants Discovered Locked In Refrigerated Truck In The US

As many as 30 undocumented immigrants were found locked in a refrigerator truck near checkpoint of Southern Coachella Valley.

According to the US Border Protection and Customs Agency, these individuals were hiding in 1999 Freight liner trailer near Highway 86 checkpost Westmorland near Southern edge of Salton Sea.

US agents were usually conducting their routine patrols when they halted the vehicle at 7pm in the evening. Its driver is 60 year old man who is a citizen of the US- consented to the inspection.

As per the border agency, the officers found out that around 30 individuals locked in the refrigerator trailer. The truck driver was arrested and had to face the charges of alien smuggling.

Any of those 30 individuals were not injured and they stay in the detention of the border agency.

The search was headed by two other arrest  since the weekend.

US Border Agency officials had taken into custody a 50 year old individual accused of transporting 25 packages of methamphetamine. They were found in the 1992 Ford car.

US Border Agents finds 10 packets of meth inside the panel of the vehicle.

Both the suspects  and drugs were sent to the Administration  of the US Enforcement.

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