Illegal Immigrant Charged in Kidnapping of Woman in Texas

Posted on: 28 Mar 2017  |   Tags: crime , Immigration , news , Visa ,

An undocumented migrant bound up a woman in Texas forced her into the back of her car and tried to drive away with her, but the woman managed to get away and contact the security operatives who tracked down the suspected attacker and lead to his arrest.

The assailant was not recognized, and how long he had been in the United States was unclear to security operatives.

They also had no idea what country he had come from, and there was no representative from the media to answer questions on behalf of security operatives.

The assailant was slammed with a burglary charge, and intent to commit a felony and attempted kidnapping.

He is also going before migration officials.

Currently, he is being held at Dimmit County prison. The victim told security operatives that she had been providing the assailant with food and water, as he resided somewhere close to her home in Texas for about three days before he made attempts to kidnap her. She luckily got away as the man attempted to start the vehicle, reports stated.

After a bystander had made an emergency call to operatives, security agent discovered the woman walking along the street with her hands tied together. She told officials about the terrible event, and they immediately began a hunt for the assailant. The man was later apprehended laying in the bush like he was dead.

Medical practitioners on the scene certified that he was indeed faking his death.

“The expertise of the individuals at the border and patrols unit of the United States are simply top notch,” Chief Patrol agent told newsmen. “The apprehension of this suspect has resulted in the arrest and detention of a potentially dangerous individual.”


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